Rapid Realignment™
World-class organizations facing multiple challenges must focus on the process of organizational alignment to achieve their objectives. Rapid Realignment™ is the new book by George Labovitz & Victor Rosansky.
The ability to rapidly realign is a critical competency that enables you to integrate strategy, people, customers and key processes. Aligned organizations enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction, and produce superior results to stakeholders. Aligned companies focus people and their work on key goals. They de-emphasize hierarchy, and distribute leadership by distributing authority, information, knowledge, and customer data. In an aligned organization, every employee—from the executive suite to the loading dock—understands the strategy and goals of the business; and everyone knows how his or her work contributes to them. In today's complex, changing world, alignment must be achieved rapidly.
When he became the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark, USN told George Labovitz, “I made alignment my #1 goal for the Navy because in my business, second place is a terminal disease.”

CEOs in the current business environment are now coming to Admiral Clark’s realization, that unless they take decisive action to quickly refocus and redirect their organizations, for them too, second place could be “a terminal disease.”
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